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3D pool/landscape
design suite

we create STUNNING 3D design images and videos for our CLIENTS, your sales team OR designers 

Why not keep your trained sales team selling and leave the drafting and design work to us, the professionals. Every hour your sales people are not focused solely on selling, you are losing potential customers. We all know you are busy trying to meet customer demands and answering sales calls - just get your sales team to give us the details, and we can create the 3D designs in Pool Studio to help them close the deal.

3D Pool Studio Design Price list: **

Standard Base plan – ½ to 1 hour max ( $199 - $275)*
Standard Base plan + standard design – 1 hr to 2 hrs ($199-$350)*
Premium Base plan – 1 hour ($225)*
Premium Base plan + premium design – 2 to 3 hours ($275 - $950)*
Add frontyard (or backyard) – assuming 1 to 2 hours ($199-$350)*
Deluxe Package - full 3D Pool Studio Design including Video ($550+)*

Standard Baseplan - house (normally below 3000 sq. ft) and property boundary only in Pool Studio

Standard Design - basic pool/spa and landscaping for homes below 3000 sq. ft.

Premium Baseplan - house (normally above 3000 sq. ft) and property boundary only in Pool Studio

Premium Design -  pool/spa and landscaping for homes above 3000 sq. ft.

* Projects will all be priced on an individual basis as all projects will have variables - above note prices and times are a guide. 

#1 - 3D pool/landscape design

#3 - const. OR permit drawings

azpoolz.com - Pool and Landscape Designers

We know that there are plenty of pool remodeling companies out there that need this service as part of their offering to their clients, but often do not have this skillset. We start with creating a model of the existing site, then add the updates and features you want and you present your clients with images and/or video of their new yard. Give us your basic ideas and we will turn them into 3D renderings and walk thrus you can amaze your customers with!! 

Package Includes:
3D Renderings and images as well as walk thru videos of the completed projects - WOW your customers with this services and generate MORE business!!

Prices starting at $250

#2 - remodel design suite

const. and permit drawing package

we work with your team to create  2d autocad drawings for projects

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We offer Professional Engineering services for sealing drawings - licensed in Florida,
​Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Missouri and more.

azpoolz.com - Pool and Landscape Designers

pool remodel
design suite

we work directly with your team to create  3d renderings, video, more!

our 3 PREMIUM design packages


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We offer this service to pool builders and contractors that need to get there project drawings ready for permitting and/or construction. We use the latest version of AutoCAD, and work within your guidelines and standards to prepare your drawings and can even get them sealed by Engineers if required . . .depending on your location.

Package Includes:
• Permitting & Construction Plan View & Details
• Detailed Plumbing Plan View & Details
• Equipment List - BOM

Prices starting at $250

480-310-9809 or 636-345-4640​

Chesterfield, MO, United States